Here you will find real reviews for Henna Hut and Harvest Moon® hair and beard Dye. The people are real and so are the reviews. Harvest Moon hair dye is was the fastest growing all natural solution for beards and hair in America.

Henna Hut is owned by Jamie Harper, after a corporate takeover. Rod Harper followed all the agreements in Mediation, while Jamie Harper did not.


Henna Hut is an company Rod Harper started and founded.  You can go to  to get real customer service and products. shipped fast and at a better rate.

P.S All comments are open and any one can post a henna hut review. So far I have heard 100’s of complaints since Henna Hut was taken from me.

Learn more about the Henna Hut story.

68 Responses to Henna Hut Reviews

  • Vasiliki says:

    I am very unhappy with henna hut and will never order anything again.I sent $20.00 dollars for henna powder shampoo and they sent me henna hair dye, I sent it back with a letter and they never sent me the henna powder. I lost my $20.00 dollars and never received the item I ordered. I called them up many times left a message and they never returned my calls.

  • Jessica says:

    This was the first time I ordered from henna hut and it will be the last. They sent me the wrong, I mailed it back with a letter, they did NOT mail me nothing. I lost $20.00 plus $4.00 to mail back their product. I will never order from them again.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Why don’t you try calling us? Or sending an email? What was the RMA assigned to your return? We very rarely check this site.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      You said ” Comments: I ordered the henna powder shampoo for hair and I received the hair dye. I mailed the hair dye back with a letter and up to now I have NOT received the powder I paid twenty dollars for 3 packs. Can you please mail me the henna powder for hair as soon as possible. Mail to XXXXX XXXXX 10201 63 Road Forest Hills ny 11375
      This was the email we sent you just after you had contacted us.

      “Dear Vasilki,
      Your order number was 51214. No problem we will fix.

      When you mailed it back did you get a return merchandise authorization (RMA)? So we can know who you are and what is going on?

      I show you ordered:

      3 pack of pure henna.
      3 pack of Shikaka
      1 Cucumber face mask.

      What exactly did you receive from the above? And what exactly did you send back?

      Thank you,

      Henna Hut Support”

      • henna hut reviews says:

        So we did answer, but your email does not make sense. We do not have a powder henna shampoo. and you ordered powdered henna. So what is it you want?
        Please let us know via our website.
        Also if you just ship something back it can get lost. You must have a RMA number along with it so we know what it is and what is going on.
        Please let us know so we can help you.

      • Vasiliki says:

        I didn’t know I needed an authorization to mail back the wrong item. I ordered 3 pack pure henna, 1 cucumber face mask, 3 pack she kaka powder shampoo not the hair dye. I sent it back, why haven’t you sent the 3 pack she kaka powder shampoo. Please send it to me as soon as posible.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      She basically took henna hut from her husband. He has a much better company, its called EarthDye.

  • Jaqu says:

    I have not received my product yet, I’ve paid extra to have it shipped 1-3 days and its well over the 3rd day. I’ve been calling to speak with someone since yesterday and have not spoken to someone, I am highly upset!!!

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Sometimes things get lost in the mail. And some times we mess up, but if you did not get a tracking number or didn’t get a package you need to fill out the form on our site. We do not keep up with this site on a daily bases or weekly sometimes. We have facebook, a forum and the site you purchased from.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Forget Henna Hut, send earthdye an email, and mention this post and they will set you up with a free VIP coupon for life!

  • V says:

    I just wanted to leave a review of my experience with Henna Hut. I had used a different website for my first time using henna. It went well, but I wanted something with a bit more flare. So I in searching for other sellers I came across Henna Hut. The selection of henna was encouraging, and I decided upon a shade. The first problem I had was in trying to order. It took me days to figure out how to order online. I checked and double checked my order before finalizing it, wanting to be sure I had it right. Once I got the product, I opened the packege to use it, and realized it was not the shade I had ordered. But of course I had just opened it so it was too late to do anything about it. The color turned out wonderful, even if it is not what I wanted.
    I am going to try again, next time I order, to get what I wanted originally. I am not looking forward to the ordering process at all, but hopefully it will work out better. The only thing I would suggest aside from doing something to make the ordering process easier would be to perhaps include a little more in depth instructions as far as the shelly oil and a few of the finer points in using henna. I had to take to the boards to get that information.

  • Patricia says:

    I am keen to try your henna hut hair dye. Presently am using a number 7 natural dark blonde. What would I use in Henna Hut.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Tracy says:

    I am allergic to hair dye, so I asked my dermatologist for suggestions on how to cover the gray. She recommended henna. I had no idea what henna was until I got on the internet and researched the product. I found Henna Hut and I have been using the products every sense, Until I found Earthdye. Since using henna I’ve never had an allergic reaction, I absolutely LOVE the product. My hair has never been stronger/healthier after dying it. In addition to an awesome product, the service is fantastic!!! My products take forever to get to me,but it works. Words can not describe how happy I am that I found EarthDye, the guy who started Henna Hut.

  • Terri says:

    I have never used henna. Currently use chemical hair dye in medium golden blonde. Do you have a product that I can use to achieve a dark blonde or lighter brown? Afraid of going too red. I am experiencing dry ichy scalp please help! p

  • Shina says:

    I had allergic reactions to chemical hair dye, (powder and liquid) and now I’m scared to use any colors on my hair. Is henna hair dye safe for me to use?

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Yes it is safe! Sorry I missed this post. That is why all of our customers come to us! They got burned. Ours is all plants, no chemicals.

  • SByrne says:

    I dyed my hair using Henna Hut’s deep red color over two weeks ago. I followed all of the advice and do’s and don’ts meticulously, but found that the color is washing out yellow every time any kind of water touches my hair.
    Getting frustrated with this, as it is hindering my life in that I can’t go swimming and I can’t go out in the rain (I live in the North of England – it rains a lot here), I posted on their forum to seek advice.
    I explained the situation and posed my problem in a concise and hopeful manner. I got several replies to my post from the Admin with suggestions and asking questions. I answered all these questions and provided the information requested each time. It was all very polite and helpful until the last post I received from them.

    The post stated that they had told me why I had my problem and that they didn’t know why I was asking “over and over”, and that I should make sure I read their posts.
    I found the entire tone of the post to be rude. It was like they were blaming my for their product being defective and that it was somehow my fault. It was a short and insufferably rude post, treating me like I was stupid.
    When I pointed out in a polite but firm way that I found that post rude and that I was only looking for a solution to the problem created by Henna Hut’s product that was having a negative impact on my life, I received no reply.
    The entire thread was still awaiting approval so could not been seen publicly and the next time I logged on, it had conveniently been deleted without informing me. Now I am unable to log on to the forum at all. I have yet to receive any kind of email back from Henna Hut when I posed all of this to them directly.

    I disliked being treated like an idiot by one of their forum staff members named Shasta, who I later found out was actually Jamie Harper. I am a professional (I am a nuclear physicist with a very high level of education) and I expected better customer service and professionalism from them. I would never buy from them again and would not recommend them to anyone that I know.

  • Kaly Lynae says:

    Hi I dyed my hair with a henna indigo mix and it turned my hair black with A GREEN TINT. I dyed over it with a chemical dye and it looked better but still green. Now a year later I tried bleaching my ends blonde and its bluish gray now. Honestly its disgusting blue and green. I’m afraid to cover it with dark brown because I dont want it to not work and then I have damaged hair. Im really upset and would love suggestions on how to fix my blue hair.

  • Alex says:

    Hi, I just used the “brown” color yesterday for the first time. I have natural brown hair with a lit of greys I wanted to color. The color is redder than I exoected! Will it still change color to a browner shade? And if it doesnt can I apply a second coat of the same color? Will that make it darker or redder? Thanks

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Yes. But remember it will get darker the next few days. So give it 2 days if it is not brown enough you can do it again for sure. It is healthy hair dye.

  • Kimberly Lee says:

    Hello, I have been using coppertop for some time with great results but it seems to be too dark for me in the summer and I would like some more copper instead of brown. What would you recommend?

  • Bindu says:

    Is it available in India?

  • CARLOS says:


  • CARLOS says:


  • Nina says:

    First time user, love the dark brown, my hair are shiny and they have beatiful brown color. It is so easy to use, I purchased your kit too, it help to applied the henna. Love the product because is chemical free. Will never use regular diy ever- henna for live. Thank you

  • Heidi says:

    I have light brown hair (chemically dyed), which color should I use to achieve a medium/dark red, without it being orange?
    I’ve used hennahut once before and loved the results.
    Thanks c:

  • Rose says:

    My natural color is medium brown. I have highlighted and colored my hair for years now and would like something more natural, but I don’t want to be RED! Is there a henna I can use to achieve a nice brown color? Subtle red highlights are fine, I just don’t want to be a red-head.

  • Pattie says:

    Can I use Henna on relaxed hair?

  • Liddie Collins says:

    This was my first time ever coloring my own hair. I was scared but it worked. My grey is gone and my hair looks thicker. I used Mahogany and the process was simple. Great product. I’m now a fan. Your product is great.Thank you

  • I am loving the beautiful rich dark cherry red with lovely lighter britches red highlights your product has given my hair. My hair is very very fine and the Henna actually makes it appear and feel thicker as well. Thankyou so much 🙂

  • nikki fungo says:

    hi i was wondering what your ingredients are and if your product is safe for pregnant women? I am pregnant and abhor my grey roots and was looking around for a henna that would have no peroxiide, no ammonia and no ppd. Thanks

    • henna hut reviews says:

      They are absolutely safe for pregnant women. I would keep on it afterword and before as well! All of our ingredients are lsited on the page with the product, or it has a link from the product to the ingredients. They are vegan and gluten free. 0 chemicals.

  • DeAngelo Washington says:

    Wow and thank you. This is the first time that my use of a product was successful.
    I am thoroughly impress by your phenomenon product. Thank you for having an all natural product that REALLY WORKS!

  • Katina says:

    My daughter and I have both used the mahogany color several times and absolutely love the results. We can use 1 package on both our hair which allows us to save money while getting gorgeous color. My hair is known to turn several shades of orange after any drug store hair dyes and I’ve found that the henna color lasts much longer and stays even colored for much longer periods. I’ve just purchased the brown and can’t wait til it arrives. You’ve got a new forever fan!

  • Clare says:

    I was disappointed with my product. I used Henna Hut’s Red on dark brown hair and it barely changed the color.The color was barely different it was only red in the light. I was hoping for more. No many noticed a change in color. I love Harvest Moon and I love the way it makes my hair feel better, but I guess I should just stick with the dark brown.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Yes like we say, our dye’s do not go lighter. Only equal or darker, so red will show up on dark brown in the sun. The lighter your hair the brother the red 🙂 We also finally have red back in stock now!

  • Kathleen says:

    I purchased copper top and it turned out great! I did have to dye my roots twice because of my grays, but its all totally covered now. I will continue buying henna from Henna Hut! I believe they have the best Henna products around!

    • henna hut reviews says:

      In the future mix light brown and copper together and you will only need to do it once 😉 When you start with a very light color it can come out lighter. Thank you for your feed back!

  • Rahul Kaushik says:

    Have the henna and indigo products been tested for heavy and possibly harmful metals e.g. lead, arsenic etc? I appreciate the fact the products are natural but they are imported, not manufactured in the US. If the manufacturing processes lack the required quality control checks and inspections, it is easy for potentially harmful metals/chemicals to creep into the product. Since the product comes in contact with the skin and gets absorbed into the body, it is important to know the product is 100% pure. When I use the henna and indigo, I always end up with a headache later, that lasts a day. There could be various causes for this but it makes me wonder about the purity of the product. I hope I see a guarantee posted from the company about this so I can continue using their product. Thanks.

    • henna hut reviews says:

      It is done prior to it even leaving. Not just on us but all importers. That is not to say the importer cant alter it after it arrives. Ours only unsealed when it gets to the FDA for inspection and they deliver it to our facility.
      We can certainly post it and it has been on our list. Fact is our dye is hypoallergenic almost all of our customers came to use because they had a bad problem with chemical hair and beard dye.
      Hope that helps

  • Beth Sidell says:

    I just wanted to send my appreciation for such a great henna product. Years ago I started using henna with Rainbow Research. I was happy but decided in the last 2 years that I wanted to change up my colors and went back to traditional dying products. The last dye job ruined my hair. My ends were completely bleached and fried. I thought the only way to solve the problem was to cut it all off but I am glad I came across your website and purchased your henna dye. First off, your henna dye is the only henna I have ever tried that had such brilliant color results. I have used your red, deep red and my latest creation was to mix 1:1 portions of your dark brown and deep red henna with amazing color and shine results. My hair now is shiny and happy and I love the brilliant color. Thanks again….love, love, love your product!

  • Debbie says:

    I love these guys. The shampoo is awesome as well, it really fixed my scalp. They just always sell out of it, so make sure you get a few bottles and order in advance!

  • Teresa E. McManus says:

    This company’s henna products are awesome, and their customer service is absolutely awesome.
    I use the heck out of their discount ads/codes from signing up for the news letter.

    I have been a customer for years and I have bought several orders using their holiday ‘discount codes’ and cards etc BUT their prices are well worth the money if you do not have a coupon.

    When I called customer service the staff was incredible and very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend all of my friends and family to them.
    I truly hope that their business exceeds to the full potential!

  • Taylor says:

    It is AWESOME!! If you have previous chemical dye in your hair, stop using chemicals and start using henna!! I was losing my hair because I was an idiot and did chemicals all the time. The henna repairs my hair and rids all split ends. Bleach will fry your hair and kills dolphins. Henna is safe for the environment and your liver. My mom tryed everything, my hairdresser tryed everything and Henna Hut was the only people to save my ugly ass. There is a proven solution. I was so happy of people giving me double takes and telling me hair looks awesome. Only downfall, PEOPLE WANT TO TOUCH MY HAIR ALL THE TIME SO BE AWARE!

  • Rena Mckee says:

    I would like to try this product but need to talk to a live person my hair is natural and it is graying in patches all over my head i want a color to cover the grays yet to lighten it up i would like a pretty golden brown but don’t know what color to use H E L P

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Sorry, just saw this. Best Place to ask questions is by asking Rod Harper, In your case you can just use brown and do your whole head followed up by doing root touch ups when it grows in.

  • Dawn k. says:

    i have tried strawberry blonde and absolutely love it ! i noticed they are out of stock and have at different times tried
    to get through to there phone which is always busy I was wondering when they might have it back in stock again Also my hair was falling out for years after going to many doctors with no help i decided maybe its my regular hair dye my hair stopped falling out after using the henna and is actually growing back i cant thankyou enough !

  • Jennifer Rose says:

    I have been a faithful henna hut user for 2 yrs. I have dyed my hair red since my teens and have always hated the smell, itchiness and irritation, and fading of chemical dyes. And then a couple years ago I actually developed an allergy to ppd – I was so upset at the thought of giving up my beloved red hair, especially just as I’m getting more gray. I turned to henna, and loved it, but the 8+ hour dye release time and 4 hours processing time were a pain to deal with. Once I found your product, I never looked back. BEST HAIRDYE EVER. and with how many times I’ve colored my hair over the past 19 yrs, I feel fully qualified to say that 🙂

  • Karyn says:

    Love to order this product as it is the best I have ever used. There forum is awesome and the people there always return my call if they do not answer it the first time.

    I tried almost every henna product there is and this is it hands down. Wish I had a picture to post.
    There shipping is super fast and got to me in 2 days.
    I will be purchasing henna from them in the future!

  • Dee Quinn says:

    Just used the henna I purchased, and Its wonderful. I love the color, and the fact that there wasnt a horrible odor. My cats loved the smell of it also, they were trying to get to it as soon as I opened the package. Oh and it cured my itchy scalp after just one use. It also covered all of my stubborn gray hair. I will never use a chemical dye again. Thanks =)

  • Tammy says:

    I love your Henna for the simple fact you dont have to let ir set before applying and it only takes less then an hour to use. Unlike other henna i have tried..i have referred family and friends they love it as mom spread the word to her doctor and the nurses ect ect.. they all wanted to know why her hair looked so good 🙂

  • Angela says:

    Just used Henna Hut for the first time and was so surprised. The color took better then any chemical product I have ever used, there is no horrid smell, and best of all while the product was on my scalp there was no burning itchy sensation. Animals even reacted differently, not running and hiding from chemical fumes. Cannot rave enough about how wonderful this was. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Kassandra Rogers says:

    Henna Hut ROCKS! I’ve tried em all and the henna hair dye I have gotten from henna hut is the best!

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