1. Once you use henna you cannot go back to death defying chemicals. Myth. You can go back to chemicals not a problem. Just remember when going from one color extreme to another, it might take multiple times. This is usually the case with chemical hair dye or henna hair dye.


2. Henna is hard to do. Myth. While many companies require letting it set out for hours or days, or it comes in bricks and you have to shave or microwave, add tea or coffee, Harvest Moon® is grown and packaged fresh using the latest technology in equipment to really make the pouch air tight. Our pouches are so air tight they seem like a brick but are not. Our dyes and ready to go and no waiting or boiling is required.  Just add water, mix and apply. Much easier and less expensive than a trip to the salon.


3. Henna will stain my clothes. MythNone of Harvest Moon® hair or beard dyes will stain your clothes permanently. It washes out easily. For easy clean up simply use a towel to wrap around your shoulders when applying.


4. Dyes take a long time to setMyth. None of our dyes require more than one hour. This is also what sets us aside the others.


5. Wrapping hair helps the dyes last longer? Myth. We have done well over 1000 experiments with customers using the wrap technique and found that 95% of the people doing this lose color in less than a week. Henna needs air to release. As the dye dries is when it actually does the dying. Dryers are also bad as they dry the dye to fast.


6. Henna will stain your face. Myth. People that are all a sudden a blog expert my tell people to use Vaseline or other products to block this and it will in fact help henna stain better. Your face produces natural oils that will keep henna from staining it. Stains will not last longer than a few hours. The face and scalp are the one area that henna will not bind to, unless you use Vaseline.


7. Henna will not even out your hair. Myth. While the highlighted areas in your hair will in fact be lighter, you can always use a darker color to even it out and then go over it again with a red or burgundy to make it all even. Another great aspect of Harvest Moon is the fact you can mix any of the colors together.


8. Mixing lemon in the batch will help. Myth.  The only time lemon is good to use with henna or any hair dyes is if you are going to do a tattoo. Adding anything other than water will dilute the hair dye. We have mixed the henna with everything anyone has mentioned on the net for the past 7 years.


9.   Henna will make your hair lighter. Myth. No henna will make your hair lighter. The darker your hair the less you will see change. The lighter the brighter.


10. Salt will make my hair green. Myth. Salt will not make your hair green. To prove this we went to florid and literally swam in the ocean for 6 hours a day for a entire week. Our hair was the same color as when we started. But sometimes water softeners put nasty chemicals in the water and ends with the result of your hair turning green. This happens when a softener back washes when the water is running. Make sure your backwash time is correct. They also have new softeners that never require electricity. Kinetico makes one that never requires back flushing or electricity and works very similar to an older style like Rain Soft.


11. It cost a lot to ship henna from USA to UK and other countries. Myth. If you get your henna hair dye from hennahairdye.net, you can ship it very inexpensive by selecting first class to any country. This a slow way of getting it and it will not have a tracking number (most international orders will not), but it will save you much more money.

4 Responses to Henna Hair Dye Myths

  • Mark says:

    Couple questions:

    Should I use Vaseline to help prevent staining from Harvest Moon henna?

    Does mixing with coffee, rather than just water, produce a deeper, darker color?

    • henna hut reviews says:

      Vaseline helps henna stain the skin. Coffee will dilute it. If you want a deeper color use indigo. The more you add the deeper it will get. Henna will not stain the face because of oils in the skin. If it does it is very temporary.

  • LISA says:

    Hi I saw in one of your answers back to a client that “drying your hair after dying it is not good”. What about after my hair “air dry” can I then use my hair dryer to smooth my hair out? because my hair is nappy and I’ve been getting my hair braided after and stylist has got to be able to comb through my hair. Please let me know?

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